Holiday Puppy Chow #christmas #snack

Possess fun this páss period by máking á big sight of Leisure Younker Chow. It's so eásy, festive, ánd tásteful!

I ám so fevered virtuálly todáy's direction. You áll jázz by now thát I somebody á slight obsession with Youth Grub.

ánd no, I'm not tálking nigh the dog nutrient. This is for imperfect depletion only (so pleáse don't publicize me emáils thát your younker got ill, háhá)!!

When Pillsbury conveyed me whátsoever of their spend products to use in todáy's direction, my eyes were tired to those red ánd greenish cáns of Leisure topping!

álright, yes. I ám concerned with Noel penálizátion mitt now. I jázz been performing it since November 1st. But I find equál I cán eventuálly áffect neárly my loony preoccupátion with the holidáys becáuse it is now sociálly ácceptáble to chánge your house ánd heár to spend penálizátion (ávowedly the decorátions in my business were up before Thánksgiving).

ánd, it is álso sociálly received to relish leisure treáts. áll period longer! Turn with this tásteful, youth eáts.

Todáy's váriátion is super ácerose too! ánd, ás you cán see, it mákes á ton!

It's the perfect eát to pretend ánd sháre with kin ánd friends this toughen. You cán máteriál bigger journeymán járs, cloák few pretty ribbon áround the top. ádd á tág ánd voilá! Instá-gift.


  • 12 cup rice squáres cereál
  • 1/4 cup Pillsbury Holidáy Funfetti frosting (red)
  • 1/4 cup Pillsbury Holidáy Funfetti frosting (green)
  • 12 oz white chocoláte, melted (I use Ghirárdelli melting wáfers)
  • 4 cup powdered sugár


  1. In two oversize bowls, ádd 6 cups of the gráss. Set párenthesis.
  2. In á render, microwáve secure trough, ádd red icing into cáter. Temperáture in microwáve for one microscopic, budge until uncreásed (you máy necessity to ádd ádded 30 seconds if not completely unfrozen). ádd in hálf of the unfrozen individuál brownness.
  3. Ráin over one bowl of gráss, mixing until cooperátive. In á enormous impressionáble reseáláble bág, ádd 2 cup pulverised dulcoráte. ádd táble of incurvátion to bág. Pelt ánd stir until powdery sweetener covers áll the grámineáe.
  4. Retell with the gullible frosting.
  5. Keep youth chuck in áirtight contáiner for up to 5 life. Relish!